Bird in the Wood Rally

Organised by the Martlets MCC at Goodwoood Race circuit.


- Peter

Back in mists of time, like in the 1980s, the Martlets Club desired the holding of a trad type bikers rally. As the then Chair of the Martlets, I managed to steer them to Goodwoood Race circuit for first rally.

Badge design had to include a Martlet of course, plus the outline of the circuit to complete the overall design, hence the name "Bird in the Wood".

First rally was a blast. Had live music, for about 10 mins! Then band realised country music for Morris dancing was not much good for rockers!

Beer sold well, provided by Goodwood conscessionaire. Bit pricy though.

Sunday found us using the road circuit for time trials. Five riders on at any one time, after safety scrutineering, did 4 laps each before being called in. My voice was quite hoarse very quickly.

The Sussex Police Moto-Guzzis were present, by invitation, to use radar to let riders know how quick they were doing at last bend before paddock. The then new Kwacker 750's were the quickest, brought along by the Taff Riders club.

All went home satisfied the weekend had been successful and to be repeated, which we did for few years before I moved to York.

Happy days Eh!

- Peter Russell