Bird in the Wood Rally

5th September 1986 - Martlets MCC

A change of venue the third year. No longer was the bird in the wood, instead we were down very near the beach, at Climping.

Once night fell, of course, location became totally irrelevant and jollity was had, aided by sufficient quantities of beer and music. For some no doubt incredibly sensible reason, one club decided that one of their number should have all his clothes removed and hidden somewhere and his plight was all but ignored by everybody else. He did keep a tie on, though!

The next day, the same chap was assisting other people to bang an alloy wheel back into the right shape, I assume a temporary measure to get the bike home after the rally. This may or may not have had a connection with the clothes removal last night.

Beer was still available during the day and a few people were falling about in the marquee. Mostly, it appears, belonging to my club, Telstar BC, or maybe they were the only ones I took photos of.

Later on, the games were well contested. Wheelbarrow jousting, Dizzy sticks, Tyre rolling and of course, Tug-of-war.

In the evening, in the marquee, a fire extinguisher was emptied at a Rally Virgin, as was the tradition, and later on, young ladies were moistened to the point where they removed clothing, one more than the others. Just to be fair, some lads were treated similarly, but the clothing they removed was lower down.

More drink and music was consumed and some people had sufficient before others, but eventually everyone reached their preferred levels and crawled/were dragged off to their tents.

The weather on Sunday was fairly non-descript, leading to a not-warm, but not-wet ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley