BMAD Rally

This was the inaurgural BMAD (Bikers Make A Difference) rally and was held at the Plume of Feathers pub in Princetown at the edge of Dartmoor in Devon.

Unfortunatley the weather was wind and rain all weekend. I had managed to souce some really good cider on the way down from Anphill just outside of Illminister - how about £7.50 a gallon!

The camping was at the back of the pub which seemed to be frequented by cyclists and walkers, some of which set off on a walk on the moors at 9.00 on Saturday night!

There was a function room at the back of the pub which hosted the disco and one band a night.

Ogri MCC were there in numbers and performed an initiation ceremony on two of their new members on Saturday night by wrapping them to a flag pole and then drenching them with beer and flour!

- Dave Ranger