Boring Old Fart Rally


28th September 1990 - White Lion MCC

Since last year they had changed badge supplier and it was a great improvement. The name, however, had lost the 's', so we were now a singular fart. I don't remember which year's name had been the proper version. Some people joked that the loss of the letter was due to the number of rallyists, which was quite a bit lower this year.

The Friday followed the same pattern as last time, not surprising as it was the same pub, but one of the table skittles players had the assistance of his dog, which some felt was cheating.

On the Saturday it was pretty much the same as previously as well, but fewer campers meant more room for the games. As my club's previous musical assistance had proved fairly popular, they were officially asked to play this year. Again, the evening ended around the bonfire.

It was a bit of a dull start to Sunday, but they had trophies for the games and such, which seemed to be merely bits of old exhaust pipes on a plinth, (presumably representing boring old farts).

The trip home was a bit fraught, as one of the carbs on the BMW, (I can't remember which one), kept filling up and depositing petrol all over my boot. Later on, however much I kept chucking out petrol, hoping to remove whatever blockage was preventing the float from cutting off supply from the tank, it didn't seem to want to clear. I seem to recall it wasn't solved until the float itself was replaced.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley