Border Patrol Rally

Held at the end of October 2008, this was a charity weekend in aid of the air ambulance and was a combined event for the Tamar, Drake, and the Pintpullers MCC.

Nearly a thousand pounds was raised for the air ambulance.

- Ted

I am starting to think it might be cheaper to move nearer to Cornwall, if I have to attend any more rallies down there. It's a long way from Yorkshire!

Yet another excuse for a long weekend away in the West Country, the Rally was at one of the old Tamar sites, to the South of Launceston. More recently the venue for the Deja Vu Rally by Drake MCC in March.

It's a football field, so it's nice and flat and we have the use of the pavillion /changing rooms. Breakfasts were cooked on site by the various Clubs' members and were very good value.

A short walk down the road is the Club Bar where, besides their excellent real ale, the hard working kitchen staff provided a range of home cooked meals at absolute bargain prices. There was a band on Saturday evening (Metz?), but as it's a bit cosy in there and dancing was a bit risky!

There was a raffle (also Saturday evening) and a charity auction, where Roy Watkinson bought a limited edition Rally sticker, which was fair enough; but Robbie from the Tamar MCC must have had inside information, because he refused to be outbid for the mystery package. This so far as I could tell turned out to contain over 200 "special" party balloons - you know the sort I mean - all different colours and some with a fancy ribbed effect! I think he will struggle to get the use out of them before the sell by date goes past, but you never know!

The weather could have been a bit kinder, but I think all the 70 or so people who attended enjoyed it and I believe that nearly a thousand pounds was raised so that makes it all the more worth while!

As is now becoming usual, Jim Waugh, Roy and myself didn't head off straight home, but decided to move a bit more North and spent Sunday night "on the Fosse" near Cirencester. We were practicing for the Toad in the Hole Rally to be held there in a couple of weeks time!

- Ted Trett