Brass Monkey Rally

11th January 1985 - Solent MCC

This year the camping area was just behind the Sports & Social Club in Burridge. Since the field wasn't too wet this year, and it was above the road, affording better drainage, bikes were allowed to be with the tents. What water there was in the field was frozen solid, which also helped.

Some club members, who had limited luggage capacity, asked me to take down a space heater they intended to use for the weekend. I have to admit I used it myself for a while on Friday.

The hall took a while to warm up as well, there was apparently some confusion about what hall facilities would be required by the organisers for the weekend, but it was eventually comfortable and on Saturday some people found it warm enough to remove a few clothes for my camera.

The ride home was a bit chilly, but not as cold as some trips I've made.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley