Brighthelmstone Rally

17th March 1989 - Brighton & District MCC

Once again I was sharing a stable with the others of my club, Telstar BC, who were braving the elements at Brighton Race Course. Since they moved it back a couple of months, the snow was hardly a problem any more.

A rather sedate evening in the Grandstand bar was the Friday night norm, with a bit of flour and foamy mess in some quarters and a couple of girls who insisted on showing everyone what they would be up to the next night. I was warned, by someone who claimed to have met them before, that the older of the two was a 'professional', (though professional what, he wouldn't elaborate), and the younger, although she was barely 16, had had 'more pricks than a pincushion'. A couple to steer clear of in my books.

After a night warmer than previous ones at the stables, Saturday was quite a decent day, and the lunch-time run to the hill top cafe, popular with hang-gliders, with a Police escort, was as usual, problem-free.

In the past, the gap before the bar opened was usually spent crammed into the small tea-room, out of the weather, but this wasn't needed any more. When we did go into the bar, the usual hi-jinks ensued, with people being dropped into the litterbins dotted about the hall. The girls from last night were already exposing themselves to anybody that was interested and, of course, when the time came for the no T-shirt contest, whey were straight up on stage. Only one girl stood against them and they were down to full frontal amazingly quickly, to roars of encouragement from the crowd.

I have to admit my camera almost went into melt-down over the next few minutes. After the 'pro' won the contest, they had the wet Y-front competition and she helped 'encourage' the men that took part. Although I had backed off, as this competition isn't my cup of tea, there is a chance that I wouldn't have managed to get any photos I would have taken printed in any case! Further evidence of her area of 'professionalism' took place in the gent's loo for quite a while, where a gaggle of guys grouped around a cubicle and the lights were strangely switched off!

The rest of the rallyists partied on out in the hall and had a good time. I ran out of film before the end, so I can only assume we all got back to the stable in one piece.

I do not remember Telstar winning any prizes on Sunday morning, although there was a rumour I was going to be presented with a special one for keeping BMW in business, by getting another one of their machines following the last crunch, but nothing materialised on that front. I do not recall any bad weather for the ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley