Brighthelmstone Rally

16th March 1990 - Brighton & District MCC

Although held on the same weekend as the previous year, this Brighthelmstone was much warmer. The stables were still the favoured accommodation though, and I was in with my club again.

As is the tradition, Friday evening's party did not get underway until the female Morris dancers had strutted their stuff, insisting that some of us joined in for some of the dances. Thereafter, jollity increased along with the beer intake, ensuring that everybody enjoyed themselves.

Saturday dawned rather warmly and brought the usual influx of the remainder of the participants, on various type of machine, many having three wheels.

Most of my club's morning was taken up with a compulsory Triumph rebuild, and the rest of the daytime was spent in the tea room, or by the food van.

I don't seem to have taken many photos of the early evening, so I can only conclude that nothing untoward/interesting happened. The Miss Rally contest was a lot less revealing than last year, with four girls revealing their busty substances, and only one girl exposing her nether regions. The rest of the night was taken up with heavy music and heavy drinking in roughly equal measure.

Sunday was as bright, but felt cooler than the previous days, but that often seems to be the case. I do not recall any difficulties on the ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley