Brothers Over The Hill Rally

10th Rally 2003

This was in Belper, Derbyshire, at a rugby club. Mick much prefers pubs to club houses and we spent Friday night at the rugby club which had two good bands on.

The landlady made everyone toast and dripping.

- Hayley

Saturday night we took a walk down the road with Monica and H from the Boring Old Farts. We got locked in the pub until 4 in the morning and the landlady made everyone toast and dripping. You dont get that at the southern rallies.

Monica and H

Sunday morning we where told to get off the field by 12 o'clock because there was a rugby match on.

This bloke had a hole in his pocket and spent Friday night trying to fish all of his money out of the lining of his trousers.

Don't tell me you fell for that one Hayley. Did he ask you to count his change?

I have a great photo of Monica under the table but I better not show you that one, she might not speak to me again!

Don't smirk, we've all been there!

- Hayley Easthope