Bulldog Rally

Lake District 1973 and organised by Bill Strickland.

The first time that I heard Ivor's rendition of Who Wants To Be A Pubic Hair.

- Les

Not too sure of where this one was held, maybe Cleator Moor. My recollection was the long slow ride up there on my A10 and sidecar up the M6, down to 45 mph on the three main hills on the run up to the turn off for the lakes, the climb up to Keele services, the climb up to Lancaster just past Forton services and the haul up Shap which was where Ivor [Ivett Wright] and his gang of reprobates caught up with me. We had a chat in the slow lane for a couple of hundred yards before they sped away to the rally site.

I met up with Ivor at the site a while later and collected my ex-army leather jerkin and two pint pewter tankard that I had ordered from him (I wonder whatever happened to that?) I think this was the first time that I heard Ivor's rendition of Who Wants To Be A Pubic Hair to the tune of Who Wants To Be A Millionaire. I can just about recall the first verse so here goes ...

Who wants to be a pubic hair?
      I don't,
Have groping fingers everywhere?
      I don't
Who wants to live next to a bloody great twat?
      A bloody great twat, just fancy that!

That's about all that I've remembered but Ivor was always coming up with things that had us in stitches and usually upset some of the pub landladies. We used to enjoy the singing at rallies. It could be entertaining but as the younger element came along it all changed to mind numbing rock discos and a lot of the fun went out of it.

- Les Hobbs