Centurion Rally

28th March 1983 - Bath MCC


- Phil

Approaching the village of Green Ore on the A39, we got to the crossroads mentioned in the directions and turned down the side road next to The Ploughboy Inn. After a couple of hundred yards we got to a gap in the fence and, after we checked it was the right one, turned into the field.

It was a good job the field wasn't far from the pub, as the whole of the rally was spent in there. Tea and coffee were available when the pub wasn't open, at the control tent in the field, which was welcome as the weather wasn't all that warm.

The Friday night passed without incident, everybody just had a quiet night in the pub, just like a normal club pub night.

Nothing seemed to be planned for the Saturday, so I went on a little trip to the nearby (5 miles) Wookey Hole caves, a place I hadn't visited since I was a kid. I was pleased to see it was still there, but I was less than pleased to see the cost of admission! I just went back to the site.

In the evening everybody piled back into the pub for another quiet night. I can't honestly remember if there was anything put on for us but, given the venue, I somehow doubt it.

The weather had been quite damp all day Saturday and it rained a bit in the night, so the field was rather muddy in the morning and it took the combined effort of all the attending members of Telstar BC, (four guys and two girls), to get all our bikes out of the mess.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley