Chuffin Good Rally

It is a patch but shown badge size on this page.

After spending weeks trying to find when this rally was taking place we finally found out two days before; very secretive about the date and place, which is probably why only 40ish people showed up.

What a fantastic site it is for a rally, right by the River Severn with steam trains passing through the campsite all day.

Friday night started with a warm by the fire then off to the pub which does wonderful food at cheap prices and breakfast was booked for 8am at £5 for an enormous fry up.

Paul Snook showed up with a guitar for free and has been doing it for years apparently. He had everyone up on their feet joining in with some classics. By classics I mean songs from our youth.

Saturday most went off to town on the steam train. As we live 14 miles from the trains we never bothered and Saturday was spent around the fire eating what Black Country folk call cobs (they're baps to us Salopians) which the Moonshiners sold for £1 with bag of crisps. We ended up drinking large amounts of alcohol and made two wonderful new friends, Bernie and Mark Bedworth.

We went up to the pub for another meal, this time curry which my husband commented "do you really think curry and guinness is a good idea if you're spending the night in a tent?". Then back to the fire till midnight and off to bed because the Sunday morning it was up early to go to the Wistanstow Classic Bike Show 30 miles away.

For a small what they call trad rally we had more fun here than we do at the larger ones that have bands etc ...

Well done Moonshiners for keeping the traditinal rally alive and we will definatly be back next year.

- Hayley Easthope