Captain Cook Rally

George Perrin, his Son Kris and I left my home in Saddleworth around 1130am on Friday 26th August.

After circumnavigating the plethora of road works / closures, we hit the M62 Eastbound. All fine until Hartshead Moor Services then the "rubber necking" at an incident Westbound started which then led into more roadworks. Total ballache.

Tent up then straight into the pub.

- Steve

It then started raining heavily. Hit the M1 North and came off into Knaresborough for fuel and addition of wetsuit.

It rained all the way to the site at Roxby, Nr Whitby were we arrived at about 1430ish.

Father and Son - George & Kris Perrin.

Tent up then straight into the pub. Believe this could be last Capt Cook at this site - not least because the Landlord / Lady are calling it a day.

My mate Wayne (Suzuki 650) is also my postman and his daughter has terminal cancer. One last hope is a procedure called Cyberknife which is basically laser treatment in the case of inoperable situations. Not available on the NHS and it's £24,000! Many thanks to the guy that took my football card around the pub. His mate (Buckit?) won the £20 and threw it back in with the £20 raised for the cause. Fabulous gesture and thank you very much. Just shows once again that motorcyclists are a special breed. I went out door to door in my neighbourhood - mostly around Wayne's postal round. Raised £1150 and the total is now around £12,000 - halfway there.

Steve's brand new leathers - Up a size or two!

We went right through in the on the Friday, retired around midnight whereupon we flashed up the stove for chilli and rice and accompanied it with a Bacardi and Coke.

Didn't fancy Whitby by minibus on the Saturday so the pub won again!

Had the usual great night - bonfire - band. Not usually a lover of bands but this one wasn't bad. Think it must have been the attractive blonde female lead singer. After all she did jump down off the stage and gyrate herself against me. Most enjoyable.

A first in 39 years - George's hot water bottle - dig the pink cover.

Left the rally site on the Sunday morning and grabbed fish and chips in Whitby before a largely uneventful trip home.

Oh and it rained again!

At Saddleworth George and Kris had another 100 miles of rain and blustery winds.

The joys of living in Llandudno.

- Steve Giddens