Cowpat Rally


Run by the Shoulder of Mutton MCC.

Despite the distance involved, we seemed to get there quite early and had most of the field to choose from.

It did seem to get quite full by the close of play. There was no marquee to take up space as we were using the pub and, mainly, the function room for the festivities and some open space (possibly a building site?) next to it for the games.


- Phil the Spill

This was a mostly enjoyable weekend, although it was shattered following the fatal accident just outside the field late Saturday afternoon. I had never seen such a bad aftermath and I hope never to do so again. If I was a drinking man, this is one thing I would drink to forget. It has to be said that it appeared to be the bike rider's fault, as he failed to give way to the Land Rover hurtling down the main road, but this was not the attitude of the rallyists that approached the vehicle immediately afterwards. Luckily a group of organisers managed to prevent any violence occurring.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley