Dalesman Rally

I always like to do this rally, it's such a good event irrespective of which site is used. This year it was held at the Palmer Flatts and I set off on the Friday to make it a three day event. Last year I had missed seeing some old friends as they had done the Friday night and left on the Saturday morning before I arrived ... perhaps they had heard I was coming.

Tea was a tasty chilli con carne with rice followed by enough beer for ten men.

- Les

I set off around mid-day and with less than five miles covered the heavens opened. I stopped to put on my rain suit and you can guess as soon as I'd got it on, it stopped. Typical. I didn't put it on before leaving as it was hot, now its on and I'm not going to stop to take it off. M6 up to J37 turn right and straight on. As I turned off the motorway I could see that I was following a big black cloud to the east and as I made my way along the road I could see the standing water on the road and the swollen streams flowing towards me. I must have crossed the summit of the Pennines as after a short while I noticed that the water was now flowing the other way. I pressed on to Aysgarth and the rally site to be greeted by Steve Giddens and George Perrin, sat outside the pub pints in hands. My Vango Force Ten tent was soon pitched end to end with George's and we headed back to the pub.

Around 5 o'clock we headed back to the tents for a superb spaghetti that George had brought with him followed by more beer outside the pub, due mainly to the crap person providing the "entertainment". It was all done on a computer with him trying to sing. This was organised by the new landlord of the pub and not the Dean Valley Club.

Just after midnight we withdrew to the tents for curry and rice. Another fine meal was it not for the blasted midges. The only sound you could hear was the waterfall at the side of the field. The temperture dropped during the night and I had to reach for my jacket to cover my shoulders.

The morning came bright and clear and the pub had left the doors open for the toilets and washing facilities. Hot drinks were provided free by the Dean Valley Club all weekend, thanks. Breakfast was cooked and eaten and the washing up done. Steve and George had made up their minds to go for a ride out and I cried off as I was having problems with the handling on the BMW, which later proved to be an underinflated front tyre.

So as the lads went off I had a walk down to the falls and an ice cream followed by a walk around the rally field. Lots of old faces, nice to see them. John and Caroline Flitney, Sid and Christine Beaumont, Dave Honneyman, Ted Trett, Alan and Sylvia Giddens and many others. I was sat outside the pub in the sunshine when George and Steve came back on one bike. Steve's Kawasaki had had a front wheel puncture that had scrapped the tyre, he was lucky to have held it. [see Steve's own account lower down]

Well we certainly know how to eat. Tea was a tasty chilli con carne with rice followed by enough beer for ten men. We found a spot in the pub to stand and chat and finished up cooking more chicken curry in the early hours after tripping over nearly every guy rope in the field.

All in all a great weekend. George went home to Wales, I went home to Wolverhampton and Steve went home with Carole Nash.

- Les Hobbs

Start of quotation Nice to see pics of my dear, late brother Les cooking up a storm.

I am still working my way through these rallies of my brother Les. End of quotation

- Pat Keedwell

Keep going, Pat. Les wrote 131 reports and is mentioned on many more.

Start of quotation The usual Friday lunchtime blast from Oldham to Aysgarth in the fabulous Yorkshire Dales, via Halifax and Skipton.

Superb Friday evening at the Palmer Flatts boozer with Les Hobbs, Dave Honneyman, Ted Trett, George Perrin. All our yesterdays; Les drank a gallon and a half of Carlsberg Export!

Saturday left site on way to see non motorcycling mate at Constable Burton. No, not a Copper, a Village Nr Leyburn. Totally pissed off with caravans on the A682 but about two miles outside the village of Wensley, I got the break. Overtook the mobile road blocks and then passed three cars going into a right hander at about 70mph. Got up to 80/85 approaching the left hander over the River Ure bridge.

Then no steering!

With front end puncture (first in 34 years), approaching lots of traffic, it was head-on or hedge/field.

Thankfully, I had Sealant in my tyres. Unfortunately the hole was too big for an instant seal, god knows what I hit, but enough air was retained to enable me to get over to the kerb.

It took three attempts and, against all advice and protocol, lots of back brake, no other option!

The teeth marks remain in my seat.

Dave Wood, Puncture Seal, 01706 600100. Nuff said! End of quotation

- Steve Giddens


Open quote Nice to read about old friends and their antics Close quote

- Sandy