Dark Wet Cold Dull and Gloomy Rally

I went up with the Rising Moon MCC from Flint. I was a member of the Hotpoint MCC and we met in the Hot Point Club in Deganway, N Wales.


- Chaz

I only went to one Dark Wet Cold and Dull rally in '78. I had a KH 250, a rubbish sleeping bag and a 2 man tent without a ground sheet. Someone gave me a bit of polythene so I wouldn't get wet from the ground and the rest is a blur, sort of. I know I didn't sleep well because I was cold, and as for the rest of it, well, half an oz of rocky and several packs of beer made sure I got home thinking I'd had a good time.

Bloody hell, I was a nutter!!

- Chaz Nettleton