Devils Weald Rally

22nd July 1983 - Brighton & District MCC

I'd heard good reports of this one since I started rallying, so I was glad the club I was in was on the invitation list. There is a nice colourful badge with a matching, though somewhat larger, sticker for your bike.

I think the organisers don't have permission to use the Grandstand Bar on the Friday, so it is customary to wander down the hill to various pubs for the evening. For some reason, the hill always seems steeper on the way back, and you have to go around most of Brighton Racecourse to get back to the gate.

On the Saturday, there is a mass ride out, which takes us down along the sea front, through the town and up over the Sussex Downs to a hill-top cafe, which seems to be a favourite leaping point for the hang-gliding fraternity. Then you make your own way back to the Racecourse when you feel like it.

Back at the site, not much was going on, I'm not even sure there were games at this rally. There were a few photographers from the local press, and one photo with me in made its way into one of the UK bike magazines, I think it was an early edition of Back Street Heroes, where they commented unfavourably on my choice of headgear. Personally, I think it quite wise to wear an umbrella, you never know when it might start raining.

Later on, in the bar, the party soon went into top gear and much beer was consumed, or applied externally, causing some to remove their wet garments, lest they catch a chill.

Despite the warm and sunny day, there was a bit of a thunderstorm later in the night, but most of that seemed to be centred over nearby Lewes, resulting in only a light rain overnight. This required a bit of a wipe down of tents before packing, but the ride itself was not unpleasant.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation In 1986 from Finland to crazy party with 5 bikes.

I still have that Z1000!

Thanks, nice memories. End of quotation

- Timo Mononen
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