Devils Weald Rally

12th and Last - 15th July 1988

It was a rather overcast day, but not cold, on the Friday at Brighton Race Course. But we still all packed into the Grandstand bar for the music and beer.

But first there were the (female) Morris Dancers performing for us, and getting some to join in.

A friend greeted me in an unexpected way and much messing about was had.

'Uncle Peter', one of the main organisers, had a shave from some of the Twits MCC, who obviously felt a bit hot doing it. Towards the end, another rallyist was offered quite a different service from one of the girls, but apparently failed to 'live up to expectations' in public.

After this, the beer and music carried on and was much enjoyed.

Saturday was the usual day for the mass ride-out to a pub somewhere in the countryside, then to the usual hill-top cafe, (who's name escapes me), for a non-alcoholic top-up.

The cafe was very popular with hang-gliders, who swarmed around us like giant insects.

Back at the Grandstand that evening, the festivities went on, music played up, beer went down, and clothes came off, (both on stage and elsewhere).

The weather on Sunday was rather nondescript, but the ride home was not unpleasant.

It was the last Summer Rally there as part of the racecourse was being sold for development. This of course means that the camping area was taken over by yet another Garden Centre. The Winter rally, being held in a less desirable part of the property, managed to keep going for a while longer.

- Phil the Spill