Ding Dong Rally

27th August 1988 - Bell MCC

Although I was there nice and early, this was not the case for many people. They probably had further to travel. It was in a different field this year, but I forget where exactly it was.

One girl I knew slightly had an impressive array of metalwork attached to her leg following an accident. It always worries me how people with these manage to keep the wounds clean in a rally situation.

As the evening went on, many managed to reach a stage of falling over, regardless of the time of their arrival.

Most of Saturday seemed to be an easy-going day, with nothing much happening before the games in the afternoon and, for some reason. I don't have any photos of them. Some of the audience, it seems mostly Cerberus MCC, were larking about, which was amusing at the time. I cannot even be sure there was the traditional Bell MCC Human Pyramid Building competition, but it seems likely.

There was a brief lull in the proceedings when the generator failed, but this was eventually sorted out, and the disco could start up.

There was a fair bit of pole climbing and rally virgin christening, immediately preceding the Miss Rally contest, which meant one girl in the contest was covered in flour/egg/foam instead of a shirt at the start, which saved time. During the contest, it became apparent that while one girl wasn't a true blonde, her club-mate was, indeed, a true ginger.

The band, (Engine - always popular) and disco carried the party on through the rest of the night in good fashion.

Despite this being a Bank Holiday weekend, the rally did not extend to Monday, so we still had to pack up and bugger off on Sunday. This was made less depressing due to fine weather for the ride home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley