Dorset Nomads Rally

Pointing the CB in the direction of Dorset I made my way down to Hurn for the Dorset Nomads Bash.

This is a small rally run by the Dorset Nomads who used to run the Oasis Rally.

I was impressed by the way I was made to feel welcome right from the start, and much credit must go to Mick and Jane Cradick for all the work they put in to run it.

The pub was across the road from the site and you were given a key ring which entitled you to a discount on real ale and food.

The band that night were PV who were good and there were several members in fancy dress.

Saturday I walked to Christchurch from the site looking at the River Avon at Sopley and Winkton.

Back at the site the landowner gave us a barrel of scrumpy.

The bands were Catholic Schoolgirls who were playing their first ever gig and Blackwater County.

In the audience I spotted Lady Ga Ga, Roy Wood,Suzi Quattro, and Adam Ant.

Back at the site I was invited to the clubs drink in and had more scrumpy and I can remember Jane giving me one or two shots as well.

It must of been good as I did not wake up until 12.30 the next day.

This is a very good small (40-50 people) rally that I really enjoyed.

- Dave Ranger