Dragon Rally

There are a few videos of the Dragon Rally on YouTube. This one has snow and really captures the challenge of simply getting there. It was taken in 2007 but is the way we remember the rally in the 60s.

Start of quotation This particular footage was shot in Rhyader were a group of us stopped off en-route to the Dragon. Riding the outfit is good friend Graham Carrick who used to run a website about the Dragon Rally, sadly no longer on-line.

I took some more on-bike video footage on the way to this years rally which I hope to upload to YouTube soon. End of quotation

- Simon dr650rse

John D from Ireland sent a few words about his recent experience of the Dragon.

Start of quotation Myself and two friends, Rodney & Nigel, came over from Ireland for the 2008 Rally. It was our first Dragon & the weather was actually warm & sunny during the day. We were riding Indian Enfields & met with Steve a Welsh Bullet rider.

Weather turned chilly during the night but Guinness and Brandy kept us warm.

Saw lots of great machines and chatted to some great people, many of them were experienced old timers with many Dragons & Elephants under their belts.

We might do the 2009 rally but I suppose we can't miss the 50th.

I'd recommend it, great fun. End of quotation

- John D

I think the 50th will be a very special year.