Dragon Rally

Roy Dudgon clip from 8mm stock saved and preserved by Les Hobbs who comments:

Start of quotation What I think is the '66 or '67 or '68 Dragon Rally. I spotted a D registered bike there. Then footage of a lot of bikes making their way home along the A5 on Sunday at a traffic island on the outskirts of Shrewsbury. End of quotation

The short link to the YouTube page is youtu.be/8LIa7LUrn4E.

Take a close look at the people and bikes to see if you can recognise anything. Fill in any details ... even if you are not entirely sure. After all these years who can be sure of anything?

Here are some of the comments from YouTube.

Start of quotation This is excellent. My first was 1991 and I’ve done almost every one since. Anyone know what the site was?

I remember seeing an old programme for the rally - a headlight parade, and Sunday service.

Nice change not to have a heavy metal or bloody Steppenwolf as the backing track to a Dragon video too. End of quotation

- molluscturtle

Start of quotation Top vid, the roots of the UK bikers. Thanx

End of quotation

- wildeyedboy67

Start of quotation Nice to see this footage of a classic rally saved for posterity.

End of quotation

- Spider

Start of quotation They say nostalgia ain't what it used to be, but that proves the exception to the rule ;-)

Thanks for a great piece of history and nice background music choice.
End of quotation

- Paul Russell Evans

Start of quotation This bought back memories of Roy, Maty and Tony and Les. Nice bit of work Les, well done.End of quotation

- Andy Taylor, aka Nazi

Here is another YouTube compilation from MotorGenerator who asks "Were you there?"

Yes, we were!