Farndale Rally

Another good rally. If I didn't have the badge I would have sworn I didn't go!

Looking back at the Megaphone from 1969 it appears that the rally was organised by the York 66 Riders at the Lion Inn, Blakey Ridge and cost 5/- (That is 25p in decibels)


Start of quotation Yeah, the Farndale was a winter and summer rally. I went to three; winter January - follow snow plough in and also to get out! Ace, snow packed round tents to make a real igloo! End of quotation

- Stefan Gats KKS69MCC


Start of quotation I attended this rally in 1971 with my uncle. I was pillion then. It started me on my rally addiction the following year. For eight years I did the Elephant, all down to this great rally.

I have some old pictures but don't know if I can upload them here. End of quotation

- Brian

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