Fatally Attracted Rally

What's this then? A rally organized by a female bike club (Femmes Fatales MCC)!

OK, I sent off for a ticket just for myself. It was strange but no one had seemed to mention what was happening that weekend.

A short ride down over Holme Moss and into Derbyshire. The rally was somewhere in the Buxton area I think.

Surprise surprise, all the usual crew are here, but looking guilty!

Not too sure what extras we were all expecting, but the rally was pretty much the same as normal (along more recent lines). There were stalls offering the opportunity to go home with a new tattoo, or have your ears (or other parts!) pierced, and some selling T shirts and other "Biker" style gear.

We were all required to wear a pink crocheted wristband to prove you had booked in, and yes, the badge was PINK too ...

I enjoyed it, but I only did the first one!

- Ted Trett