Flying Boot Rally

The "Flying Boot" rally? "Don't go to that one" they said - "it's run by the Evicted Club out of Wrexham. They're dead-hard, and got their name by being evicted from most pubs in the area - the order of the flying boot!". So on the day, in November, we find a lonely pub, miles from anywhere. The pub is packed with dead- hard bikers. All sprawled over the tables, heads down while their hands move. Are they carving their initials into the time-honoured wood? Are they preparing for arm-wrestling? Or maybe some other dreadfull ritual? No.... Our dead-hard bikers are playing ...... Bingo!

- Jan Heiland

Evicted MCC member John Hewson responded with some history and a link to the club's website.
Start of quotation I'm a member of the Evicted MCC. The Evicted were a Chester based club, now we meet at a pub in North Wales.

I cannot remember the actual year Jan Heiland's badge relates, we did move the rally location about over its 15 year run to the final one in 1997. Last year we ran a Flying Boot Revisited Rally which was very popular. Unfortunately due to pub problems we are not doing one this year.

We held a couple of rallies at the large campsite in Wem, Shropshire. We also ran the National Rally Control at Wem for a number of years.

I will sort out some pictures of Flying Boot Rallies. End of quotation

- John Hewson

Thanks for that John. We look forward to seeing the photos and any more badge pictures you can send. And hope you finally find a pub you don't get Evicted from!


Leigh of the Evicted MCC, Chester adds.

Start of quotation It looks like the Flying Boot could be permenantly resurrected. Watch this space......

See u in the lanes... End of quotation

- Leigh

We are watching - - we are watching!


Moonshiners MCC link - Flying Boot 1997 Lone Wolf says A cold 'un, but a good 'un.