Frozen Balls Up Rally

We sat off Friday at 2 to ride the 20 miles to Sleap Airfield near Wem for the Frozen Balls Up Rally on the 26th to 28th February.

The Oddballs fill your hot water bottles up for free.

- Hayley

I must be getting old because I had three layers of clothes and two pairs of thermal socks, a minus 10 sleeping bag and a hot water bottle. The Oddballs fill your hot water bottles up for free.

Really good dry field and tea, coffee, hot choc and soup all weekend for 20p. Only downside there is no pub for 3 miles and only porta loos and not a bonfire in sight.

Photo 1: Bev and Tim, chairman of the Oddballs
Photo 2: Simon in his shorts. Yes Simon, it is a winter rally.

Friday and Saturday night the bands where good; the Hogs played Saturday, a good local band I have seen loads in our local. They play 70s music. Tonto did the music with his rock disco - bit too loud for me, as I say I'm getting old. I went home Saturday for a hot bath and a warm.

Hayley and Steve Easthope leaving for home.

A really good winter rally well worth doing. The Oddballs also do a good summer rally in the same spot. You're allowed to use the café on the airfield and if anyone is interested there is a small free air museum to look around.

- Hayley Easthope