Gert Bustards Rally

12th September 1982 - Moonrakers MCC

This year's Gert Bustards was held in the same pub, just outside Devizes, as last year. The out-building, used for booking in etc, had been cleaned beforehand, which looked a bit better.

We were allowed in the pub's back room on the Friday night again and this time I got there early enough to get a seat, which was nice, as it was quite a cold night outside.

On Saturday, Les Lumps arrived via an unusual vehicle, which he left across the road, well away from the bikes. Although the morning started quite bright and dry, the rain set in part of the way through the games, so those not taking part took refuge in the marquee and peered out through gaps in the side, although I did venture out to get a photo of the barrel rolling.

The pint of baked beans made sure several people got suitably messy, although one guy, who had painted most of his head green, managed to escape the mess - perhaps the paint allowed it to slip off quickly?

The disco enabled everybody who wanted it to bop around, although there were quite a few standing by the bonfire, as it was another cold night.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley