Get A Life Rally

The Get A Life Rally was held in a field next to the Fred West field in Much Marcle. There was police tape all down one side and red tape down the other side. Now that's really going to keep people out!

John had a little bit too much to drink

- Mick

We always camped near something we could find again in the dark. John Smith suggested we camped by the red tape. "We can just follow the tape back up the field" he said. Great idea.

Friday night John had a little bit too much to drink and headed off to bed. A couple of hours later off we went to bed. Next morning no one could find john. Then he comes out of the Fred West field. He had followed the police tape up the wrong side of the field, fell in a hole the police had dug and spent the night fast asleep in a shallow grave!

- Mick Mansell


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