Golden Eagle Rally


- Phil the Spill

14 May 1982 - Golden Eagle MCC

I cannot recall exactly how I got on the list for a ticket for this rally, it may have just been an ad in Rally Review or Big Bollards, or maybe a flyer picked up somewhere nearby.

This year's rally was held in the More Arms, between Shelve and Minsterly, in Shropshire, which had a large function room and camping across the road, behind and below a vehicle parking area.

This was my first visit to this site, but certainly not my last, as this pub was used extensively in the early 80s, until the landlord started getting greedy and upping the cost of hiring the venue.

I have to admit being attracted to this rally as it had one of the biggest badges in the UK at the time. Unfortunately, the size led to my losing it as either the weight or the sheer 'wingspan' of it made it a prime candidate for falling off the jacket down some road somewhere. (I held onto it for a couple of years, though.)

As the only photos I have, with two exceptions, are of quiet enjoyment of friends in the pub function room, I have to assume it was just a get-together of like-minded folk. The sort of event that you don't often find these days.

I don't recall a band, so I assume it was a disco. The music, from what I can remember, was never obtrusive. The beer and food was plentiful and a good time was had by all.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley