GPO Rally

2nd on 16th April 1982 - Barrel Bikers Bucks MCC

After the blizzard that occurred during the 1st GPO a year ago, it was good that this year's rally was on quite a hot weekend. The only problem with this was that the ground was a bit hard for the pegs.

We had a pub with a function room to hand and plenty of space outside. Even with the warm weather, there was a good-sized bonfire, which people still tended to stand around for a few hours after the pub shut.

The next day, there was more heat and sun, enabling people to sit around outside their tents, something I hadn't seen for several months.

I had an issue with the games. I was in a scratch team that got to the final of the tug-of-war, when it was discovered that some of the participants hadn't paid to get in. Pleading poverty following some festival or other didn't wash, so they were sent packing, leaving us severely depleted in number, so we had to withdraw from the competition. I'm sure we had been in with a chance, too!

Photo 6 are Barry and Mark Mingay who writes...
"Must have been good, can't remember a thing about the Rally."

The afternoon soon became evening and everybody packed into the pub for the band, disco and, I suppose, beer, although the food stand had a fair few customers as well. I can't be sure, but I think there was only the one band there on that night, but they filled the time well. Followed by the obligatory chat around the bonfire on the way to our tents.

So, that was two extremes of weather in as many rallies. I couldn't help wondering what next year would bring.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley