GPO Rally

3rd on 22 April 1983 - Barrel Bikers Bucks MCC

Having experienced two extremes of weather in as many rallies, (their first rally in a blizzard, their second in a baked-hard field), I was left wondering what the third rally would bring. It has to be admitted that the going was 'a bit soft' from the entrance to wherever you chose to park your tent, but this wasn't too much of a bind.

Despite being asked not to take the bikes onto the field, only a few of us chose to leave the bikes at the entrance and carry stuff in, as there wasn't as much room as they would have liked for that, the field being right in the middle of a farm. The field was also next to a stream that recent weather had caused to rise more than a little, leading to the softer-than-ideal condition of the ground. Although it was very close to the top of the bank all weekend, I don't remember it flooding the field while we were there. As it was a raised banking, the field was actually below the water level of the stream, so it would have been a bit of a disaster, had that happened.

Not all the equipment was in place when we got there, due to a last-minute change of venue, so some of the larger items, (beer and generators), required a bit of assistance to get to the marquee, due to the increasing muddiness of the central avenue. When things were in place, he party went off in the usual fashiont. The extra wetness of the ground meant that anyone that fell over was immediately covered in mud. But that was probably going to happen anyway. Lez Lumps was there selling magazines, and Denny was there giving away free views of her ample charms.

On Saturday, no more bikes were being allowed into the main field at all, and most people who had ridden in were riding or pushing their bikes out, with varying degrees of success. There was no way the games could be held in the camping field, or even in the marquee, so we were allowed to enter the next field up the slight slope, where the mud had not yet reached. The other type of 'overflow' had required some more camping room than originally estimated and tents were already there.

The eating contest definitely would not appeal to anyone who had seen 'the Exorcist', consisting, as it did, of a plate of cold mushy peas, with unidentifiable red and white bits floating in it. This, and all the other games, were well contested and people had enough time to prepare for the nights party.

The wet/no t-shirt contest had several things to recommend it, and this proved that quantity didn't win over maximum exposure. Not to say that the young woman who lost was unattractive in any way. After that was out of the way, the music and beer consumption resumed in full force, well into the night.

It took a while for the crowd to disperse on the Sunday, due to the muddy entrance. The few bikes still on the field required several people's assistance and carrying camping equipment always takes longer on foot, than strapped to a bike, but this was obviously inadvisable.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley