GPO Rally

10 October 1986

Well, it was sunny for pretty much all the weekend but, being October, there wasn't much heat behind it. At least it didn't cloud over and get wet.

This was the second time at this site, and at least the farmer had cut down the clover, which had formed such a large part of the previous rally.

Some guys had a go at pulling people around the field on a pallet, and one club was ritually humiliating a rally virgin, but nothing else of note comes to mind regarding Friday night, so I assume everything went off well.

Not a great deal happened on Saturday morning. The games occurred at the normal time in the afternoon and included musical bikes.

The evening consisted of copious amounts of alcohol, music and dancing, in roughly equal measure. Unusually, the night games started with the Hairy Arsed Biker contest, followed by the eating and drinking games and only then were young women asked up on stage to bare their chests for a trophy. As is the custom at this event, possibly due to this casual, one may say haphazard, way it was arranged, not many women took up the offer. This time there were two.

The party carried on, though, so a good time was still had.

Sunday was a touch chilly, but still sunny. Someone had been using the orange juice trick again, and was able to confirm that it does, indeed, taste the same on the way out.

The awards were given out, including the one for the eating contest, which looked disgusting. We were assured it was plasticene, but even then nobody examined it too closely.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley