Guildford Rally

7th August 1981

Following the Friday night, which must have passed with very little of note happening, as there are no photos to nudge my memory into action.

Saturday morning seems also very quiet. The silly games in the afternoon seemed to have included a mounted pillow-fight, which I would have thought of as quite dangerous. Still - each to their own.

There may also have been a how-many people-can-you-get-on-a-bike game and a log/caber tossing event.

I seem to also have a Tug-of-war trophy on my shelf here, so there must have been one of those, too. (Combined heavies from Mistsui Diehards and Decibels MCC, as neither of us had enough on our own.)

Things took their usual course through the night, most, if not all, of which will have been long forgotten by the participants. (Thankfully!)

I do recall hearing a loud ripping sound from a nearby tent one of the nights, followed by a guy bemoaning the fact, wondering out loud, how he was going to tell the owner of the tent that it got ripped while this guy was... erm ... entertaining his sister.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley