Gunpowder Rally

6 November 1981 Three Spires MCC

This was another of those rallies that I was attracted to by the badge. Although it was different every year, it was nicely designed and usually quite colourful.


- Phil

It wasn't until after I booked that my friends told me of the rumours surrounding the club that organised it. It appears that this was a club in name only and it was, in fact, a company that made money by running rallies. How true this was I never really discovered. I was suspicious a few years later when it changed its name to Motorcycle Riders' Association and ran even more rallies in the year. But, anyway, back to this one.

Having the day off work meant I arrived quite early to the site, not far from Coventry. It was quite muddy, due to the rain in the week. Rain held off for the rest of the weekend, but that didn't help much.

I set up my tent quite near the edge of the field, not too far from the marquee. The ground seemed a bit firmer there. I was so early that I was asked to help some of the supply vans on site. Happily I didn't stand right behind one of the drive wheels like one unlucky guy that got plastered head-to-foot in the mud.

The club was running the can-only bar at the head of the marquee, at the same place that the 2-turntable record deck pushed out the music all weekend. Although a stage had been constructed, under which much of the beer was stored, no bands played there.

There was a visit by the boys in blue, but I think this was just a "we're aware of you" patrol and not about anything in particular. Luckily a club had set itself up not far from my tent and they had a bonfire, which was very welcome in the cold night.

On Saturday, nothing much happened. There were no games that I remember and I seem to have spent most of the day around this club's fire chatting with them, although I can't remember who they were. The night proceeded in much the same way as Friday, except there was quite a serious accident on the road outside the field, but I never asked about details.

The organisers promised the crowd that there were going to be strippers on the stage at one point, but these never appeared. I was not disappointed, as this was not the reason I was there, although I made sure I stayed near the front with camera primed, just in case.

All-in-all I found the rally a little lacklustre, veering towards boring at times. Perhaps it would have been more enjoyable if the weather was better, but I doubt it.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley