Hardman Rendezvous

The Hardman Rendezvous took place at a pub in southern England over the weekend of 17-19 November.

I arrived on Saturday after by luck I talked to a B40 rider who showed me the way there. There was about 70 people there.

After putting up the tent I went into the pub to escape the rain and met Graham Cooper who organises the event.

After this I went for a walk along to the canal and to a cake and tea do at the village hall. Then it was back to the pub.

- Dave Ranger

Start of quotation Some photos of the Wrinkly 2016 including my 70th birthday. End of quotation

- Graham Cooper

Five ex Solent MCC members circa 1972 - (roll your mousewheel to zoom in)

Start of quotation I met Dave Ranger and gave him directions to the Hardman Rendezvous on my army BSA B40 with Graham Cooper.

Graham passed when loading his motorcycle for the Brass Monkey Rally.

Graham was a founding member of the Solent MCC.

I was with him last November at the Hardman.

He will be sorely missed, his contribution to the rally scene will be remembered warmly.

We send our love & healing to his wife Carol End of quotation

- Dave Langman