Hatters Rally

To complete the information concerning the Hatters rally held in the Luton area, here below are four photos from my archives.

These photos show a group of rallyists from the north of France who took part in the 1971 gathering.

Hatters 1971 -'Frenchies' en-route to the South Beds M.C.C. annual rally

Vintage Japanese machines dominated, but it's nice to see the presence of a good old Norton twin.

Hatters 1971 - Mainly Japanese machines owners

The Hatters rally has always been a very popular gathering with French rallyists and every year there were always 'frenchies' ready to make the effort to travel to England to take part in the annual meeting of the South Beds M.C.C.

Hatters 1971 - Even when not riding a motorcycle the pudding basin helmet remains an excellent headgear

These photos also show that in 1971, the year Bell developed the first full-face motorcycle helmet, the pudding basin was at the time the favourite helmet among French motorcyclists.

Hatters 1971 - Rallyists enjoying their campfire and a bottle of 'unknown nectar'

- Jean-Francois Helias