Highland Fling

22nd February 1991 - Prowlers BC

The good, (or bad), thing about having a rally as close to home as this one, is that you can pop home for things if you forget them or, as I have done more than once, set up my tent in a suitable place, (not always possible if you don't arrive until Saturday), and spend a few hours there, then go to work for a night shift, before returning for the party.

The frivolities that occurred before my departure were mainly straw-based and fuelled by alcohol. Even in that short time, there were a few people being carried back to their tents.

Since there was a member of the club only spending Friday night at the rally, I let them use the tent while I was elsewhere. The only conditions being that they clear up any 'detritus' they produced, and get out so I can collapse in a heap when I got back.

Consequently, I didn't see much of the mornings event, if there were any, only getting up when the pipes announced the commencement of the games. Even then, I didn't get into photo-journalist mode, and only got a few photos of the activities.

The eating and drinking took the same format as the ones in October's Prowlers Party, and the band was Ivor's Jivers once again.

Only a few girls entered the dry T-Shirt contest, but an equal number displayed their charms for the camera later.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley