Honda International Rally

Organised by the Honda Owners Club on the Isle of Man.

I went to the TT every year from 1973 until 2008, so I went to loads of these. For many years it was held in Old Laxey on the sea front just down the road from where we used to camp. It is one of the many one-make owner club events that are held on the Isle of Man during TT week. In later years it moved to Peel. We quite often walked down there, but when I did go on a bike it was rarely a Honda! I once went on Drew Grants vintage 550 Triumph ...

It was the same set up most years, with a roped-off area for the entries in the Concourse competition, a small marquee where you could buy your event badges and pick up whatever freebies that were offered. There was also a display of some of the latest bikes from the local Honda Dealer. This was the first place I saw a CX500 Turbo and was the only time I saw one of the oval piston NR750 Hondas, it was actually ridden there. Shame I didn't get a picture!

The round the world sidecar is attached to a CB175 not sure I would have wanted to ride it as far as Douglas, but I used to have a monkey bike with a sidecar so who am I to talk?

Prize giving was usually done by whoever were the current Honda Race Team members so you had a good chance to meet and see them close up at less than 150 miles per hour! Joey Dunlop was always friendly if a bit hard to understand, Ron Haslam was a bit easier for them to interview!

Not sure who the chap is who spoilt the photo of Bill Stephenson and myself but he looked familiar.

- Ted Trett