Horse Shit Rally

20th May 1983 - Pegasus MCC


- Phil the Spill

Looking at the pub from the street, you would never have guessed that there was a motorcycle rally going in behind it. Indeed, if I hadn't seen the bikes on the path alongside it I would have missed it completely. There was certainly very little in the way of signage telling you that this was your destination.

The bikes were parked on the path as some riders were unsure whether or not they would be able to make it across the camping area, (I would hesitate calling it a 'field'), and back without dropping their machine in the mud, of which there was a lot.

It was another rally held next to a stream that was perilously close to overflowing. Over the weekend there was a fair bit of rain, but the stream did not overflow completely, although, towards the end, it was difficult to see where land ended and river started. Most people managed to find patches of ground just above water level and Friday night proceeded quite merrily, if muddily.

On Saturday the games went off quite well. Nobody needed an ambulance after the human pyramid, or throwing contests, which is always a good sign. People were doing whatever people did in the days before all-day pub opening and I was experimenting with the timer on my new camera. Due to it being only a few days old, I didn't have a strap on it, and it slipped out of my hands. Remember I mentioned the mud? Yep - right in it. Shorted the electrics and rendered it useless. This was the last time I didn't carry a spare with me. I was bemoaning my luck to one of the organisers, when he offered me the use of his for the rest of the weekend! Mainly because he wouldn't be able to join in with the partying as his club were all on duty organising things. Luckily, his camera took the same film as mine, so I had sufficient supplies for the night.

The Party went on and some women removed clothing, one had some of hers removed by, (I hope), her boyfriend on the floor and people got muddier, some more than others.

Sunday morning, and everyone was carrying their gear to their bikes, pretty much all of which were by now parked off the field, due to the increasing wetness underfoot. My new friend was very relieved to get his camera back in one piece. Of course, I paid for the processing of the films, and extra copies of the photos for him. My camera would have cost more to repair than it was worth, so I dumped it and went back to my previous one.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley

Start of quotation One of best rallies I have been on. Bloody wet but good fun. End of quotation

- Ian Hall