Ides of March Rally

As usual I was wondering why I was camping in gale force winds in a field full of sheep poo. Makes a change from cow pats I suppose.

Another good rally with a lot more here than last year.

We spent Saturday in a great pub called the Wellington in Todmorden. The Shepherds Rest is not really a rally pub, it's more of a resturant for the locals. They don't like the bikers in the lounge when the locals are eating in there.

I went up on the back of Mick because he said I am not safe on my Flea. I think it's because he did not want to follow me on a bike that only does 40mph and that's down hill with the wind behind me.

- Hayley Easthope

Start of quotation It still looks very much like I recall from the 60s. We can see the billowing tents, windswept hair, grey sky in marrow freezing detail! End of quotation

- Ben