Joint Rally


- Phil the Spill


3rd Joint Rally organised by ABC/Hatfield Poly MCC in 1986

On the invite it promised rain, on Friday we got it, and then some, along with gale force winds that nearly destroyed the bar end of the marquee.

We had a proper port-a-loo on site this year, only problem was that the trench we needed for it wasn't dug until about 6pm, by which time a lot of people were getting desperate.

Another of Friday's hitches was that the stage (a lorry trailer) had a puncture and the farmer couldn't (wouldn't) get it to us until Saturday afternoon. This meant that Friday's band didn't show up, so an impromptu ABCers session took place on the grass, not the best place for the electrics. So that was Friday out of the way, apart from a beer barrel, complete with tap, going 'walkies' during the evening. The barrel was found but the tap stayed lost until Saturday night.

I missed most of the games on Saturday due to being on duty behind the food bar - 'Olly's Burger Crematorium' but I'm told the hay bale pitching was very popular. The tug-of-war was certainly well contested, the final lasting almost until dark.

On Saturday night the band 'Aunt Lucy' played some well known tunes plus a few of their own for a couple of hours, then it was the Mr & Miss rally contests, carrot eating, beer drinking and first rallyist drowning. The band then resumed playing well into Sunday morning.

All in all a damn good time was had by all, especially by the couple found bonking just outside the marquee at two in the morning.

On Sunday morning the Twits MCC picked up most of the awards, except long distance, which went to a couple from Belgium (MCP Derniers). Also on Sunday we noticed the disappearance of a couple of goalposts from the field next to the rally. The burnt remains were found in the same area as the barrel had been recovered (we know who did it).

Will we be allowed back next year? Only time will tell.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley