King Size Rally

FreeBreed MCC 9th October 1981.

This was quite a dull rally for me, basing it's whole existence on certain herbal cigarettes, which depended on the larger cigarette papers produced under the name Rizla. The image of the product also produced the design for the badge, apparently, although I never saw one of those, if they were ever produced.

I had no interest in the goings on in the marquee, the air in which was filled with an almost unbreathable level of smoke.

Such games as there were seemed to consist of trying to grab one of the cigarettes from the end of a greasy pole and one or two other games.

The music was uninspiring and I spent the evening in the company of the HawksMoon BC, who were near the lower end of the field sheltering from the occasional drizzle in a packing case that would be destined for the bonfire they were facing all evening.

Also there was fellow Diehard Pete, who spent his time tinkering with a decaying road roller, once used by a nearby banger racetrack. Eventually the machine burst into life, which surprised onlookers, but the undergrowth had entwined through the machinery, meaning that the roller wasn't going to be going anywhere in the near future. Pete had satisfied his mechanical ego, so he lost interest thereafter.

I, too, lost interest in the whole thing and trudged back to my tent over mud that stuck to your shoes in such a way that you gained height as you walked around. I don't think there was another of these, but I wouldn't have gone to it if there were.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley