Kradnetz Treffen

Organised by Wolfgang Kremer MTC Koln.

Sonja was the furthest travelled female rider.

- Les

Wolfgang Kremer was larger than life motorcyclist, a down to earth genuine type of guy. He was the brains behind the Kradnetz organization and the Touring Kalender, an unorganized fellowship of ralliests. To join you gave a pledge to help any other fellow ralliest, to the best of your ability. A booklet was printed by Wolfgang and circulated amongst fellow members Europe wide. Details of members home telephone numbers, workshop facilities, garage, overnight stops, spares, any assistance to help any fellow tourer in need. A friendly face in a moment of need, who has local contacts, is a great help if you're in a breakdown situation in a foreign country. A damn good idea. And to cap it all off a rally thrown in as well.

I only went to the one rally 1977 in the Koln area, with my girlfriend Sonja Van Vuuren. I recall it was in the summer and Sonja was the furthest travelled female rider but we had gone for a walk around as the awards were being presented in the early evening and, as we were not there as the awards were announced, the award went to the next furthest travelled female rider which caused some falling out when we returned a short while later and that was the parting of the ways with MTC Koln.

- Les Hobbs

Start of quotation I am still in touch with Sonja, my late brother's girl in those rallying days. How I wish they had married, he would have had someone to look after him and I would have had another sister in law! End of quotation

- Pat Keedwell

We are all brothers and sisters through motorcycling and rallying.