Lizard Rally

25th May 1984 - Lizard Area MCC

Another long trip to this corner of the country led to only my second attendance at this rally. This time I managed to get a half day off work, so I was able to get there a lot earlier, especially as I was without any club-mates who had ideas about "shortest line is best&#quot; ideas of route planning and I was able to use the main A roads and such motorways as there are down here. Even so, it soon got a bit murky, so everyone was into the marquee pretty soon after arriving.

The usual hi-jinks ensued, including drinking, dancing, straw fights/jumper stuffing and burying debagged club members in the stuff.

Nothing much was planned for Saturday, as it was a Bank Holiday weekend and most of the games were planned for Sunday. So everybody just went sightseeing and chilled out.

I discovered a Cafe bearing the same name as my current club, Telstar, so I had the obligatory evidence photo. (I didn't actually try to get food there. Tourist cafes are not renowned for the value for money.)

At least there was no day-long wait for the hog roast to be cooked, like the last time I was here, due to the simple fact that they didn't have one. The food they did have was certainly adequate, though. After everyone got back from their respective meanders, it was more-or-less expected that we went back in the marquee, where there was more beer, music and straw to while away the hours.

On Sunday, not having to go home meant another mini-trip out to try and locate Lizard Point. This was rather uninteresting, as it happens.

Back at site the games eventually got started and were still going as the sun started to set. I'm not sure if it was official, but some people were having piggy-back battles in the marquee for a while. Eventually that died down and the beer, music and straw theme was trotted out again.

An uneventful trip home on Monday, with the weather improving slightly, which was odd for a Bank Holiday!

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley