Mabon Rally


- Dave

Held in late September by the Cernunnos MCC near Milton Keynes this is a trad rally with no bands or disco.

Camping is in the Robin Hood pub's land at the back of the pub.

On Saturday morning there was a ride out to a carvery and in the afternoon we walked through the fields across the River Ouse into the town and returned just as it got dark to go into the pub for the final night.

In 2011 the event was a sell out.

Friday night was spent in the pub and later round the bonfire.

There is a ride out on Saturday and silly games followed by the pub and bonfire again.

On Sunday I joined the MAG protest run at Northampton services on the M1 before riding home.



This once again sold out.

I travelled up in reasonable weather on Friday and had two bottles of red wine with me which I consumed around the bonfire. But this did not out-do the bloke who had six pints and then necked a bottle of Jack Daniels in an hour only to be found asleep by the fire at 5 in the morning.

Saturday I went on the ridout that finished up at the exellent Crown Carvery in Wolverton where the food was very good and plentyful at a fiver a plate.

Back at the site I decided to walk into Olny and visit a couple of pubs and then back to the site to drink a couple of bottles of red wine.

It must of been good because at 9 that night I was assisting a three year old girl to try to find crickets in the undergrowth on site much to the amusement of those gathered around the fire.

- Dave Ranger