Magna Carta Rally

5th Magna Carta Freedom Rallye
20th July 1990

I seem to recall they were still spelling the rally in a strange way, although not on the badge.

The rally was on a hot, dry weekend, near Upminster and had grown in popularity since its beginning in Runnymede if the number of attendees is anything to go by. It appeared to be some sort of horse-riding establishment, as there were some jumps and obstacles left in place around the site.

Riding around the field after arrival, I chanced upon some people I knew, so plonked my tent next to them. I seemed to have arrived in the middle of a water pistol fight, but the water was welcome in the weather there.

In a nearby corner of the field, one of the more presentable organisers was being interviewed for the local TV news, but I have no idea what was said.

Even part-way through the afternoon, one person needed help to get back to his tent.

I have very little memory of what happened the rest of Friday as my friends had a biker-girl student living with them from Bristol, who was doing some holiday lab-work in a local, to them, establishment, and I got rather ... involved ... with her in my tent for much of the evening. So much so that we had to rush into town for more ... erm ... supplies, in the morning.

Venturing out of the tent on Saturday, I noticed there was a couple I also knew parked nearby, who each towed a trailer, in which they carried a massive tent and an inordinate amount of equipment, which is usually set up for the rest of their club to use for meals. The rest of us had to make do with the burger van. (I have seen that club sat around a TV at some rallies.)

Following a quick trip to the nearest suitable store, the club we were with decided, after another round of water fighting, that, instead of the protest ride to London, they would ride to a pub in Southend. My new friend decided to go with them, so I followed as well, not wishing to let her too far from my sight. After returning from the pub, we realised it was a few hours before the music started, so we retired to my tent for a bit ... sorry ... rest, while the rest of the club continued with their aquatic activities.

The music, if I recall correctly, was mainly supplied by the excellent Ivor's Jivers. I cannot remember, however, if there was a wet t-shirt contest, but I was more interested in a single t-shirt, and we were soon back in my tent discussing the matter.

It was still warm on Sunday, though I was past caring about things like weather. The ride back was hot and seemed to take far longer than should have been necessary. Although my new best friend lived somewhat further than me, we stopped at my family home on the way, whereupon we discovered that my parents were away for a few days, so we could remain there to continue developing our friendship for another night, before she piloted her CB500 the rest of the way. It wasn't too far to the place she was staying, so we popped back and forth quite a few times over the next month or so.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley