Magna Carta Rally

6th Magna Carta Freedom Rallye - 26th July 1991

The MAG event was again at the riding establishment just outside Upminster, so I didn't have much of a problem locating it. I arrived somewhat later this time than I had last year, and I had to make do with camping in the overflow field, (I wasn't even aware there was one last time), which was across the road from the event barn. I didn't find any groups of friends having water-pistol battles, but it wasn't such a hot day as last year. In the evening I met up again with the girl I had spent most of the weekend with last time, but she had her eye on some other guy this time, so I left them to it.

As I wasn't otherwise engaged, I went on the protest run which was, for most, the point of the weekend. It was another warm day, and several riders weren't wearing jackets, and about half of us also removed our helmets for at least part of the run and we parked up in some streets around Trafalgar Square. I wonder what the tourists on the sight-seeing buses thought was going on as several earnest speakers had a rant about whatever motorcycle legislation was felt to be too much this year, following which we all filtered back to the Rally site, (but not before a friend of mine, not on the run, but involved with bikes and just happened upon the protest, had determined that, despite wearing her normal day-out-in-London clothing, she should show a little of what she had before we parted).

Back at site, the hot weather soon proved more convincing than me, and persuaded quite a few girls to remove quite a lot of their clothing. A couple I knew even ended up trying on the same top from a clothing stall.

The Star Trek inspired bike that had been there last year made another appearance. During the evening, Ivor's Jivers went down well again and, as I never saw my last year's companion, I can only assume she was also going down well.

On the way back to my tent, I chanced upon another friend of mine, (whose father was head of security where I worked), who insisted I take her picture. I only agreed because you know how angry some people get when they've had a few drinks too many.

It was a not-unpleasant ride home on the Sunday, but I couldn't help thinking something was missing.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley