Monty Rally

Troisdorf, Germany. Organised by Helmut Schenkel.

The Monty Rally was, if I remember correctly named after Helmut's dog. A small informal gathering held in the summer a maximum of 50 people attended.

It was held in some sort of small club, it could have been a canoe club. Nearly everyone there knew each other. My girl friend Sonja had rode down from Haarlem on her Suzuki 550 four and we met up on the autobahn near Koln.

The weather was good when we arrived around midday. Tent erected it was now time to socialise. All was not well; Helmut's sister's husband had been badly injured in an accident at work but news came a few hours later that he was going to be alright and was going to make a full recovery. With the weight now lifted from the gathered throng we celebrated the good news with a few beers and a barbecue.

Being such a small event there was no badge issued. Instead a small trophy awarded to those who attended. In fact I had forgotten this event until I unearthed the said relic from the attic while looking for another rally related item which I haven't found yet

But that's another story.

- Les Hobbs