Moonshine Rally

1st October 1982 - Hawks Moon BC

This rally was held in the same field just outside Horsham as the Between the Downs Rally, three months after that event.

It was a fact the organisers did not want publicised, as the quantity of insect life was a touch annoying back in the summer. Thankfully, it was not such an issue at this time of year.

It was the first time I had seen the use of microwave ovens at a rally, (for the jacket spuds), and, judging by their performance and draw on the generators, probably the last.

A good time was had by all on the Friday night, but it had started raining by the morning, and this stayed with us for most of the Saturday. Many people were seen wearing bin-liners and other large plastic bags.

Quite a few went to the pubs in town and I went with a group who just wanted a look around, as it was well within staggering distance. One of us discovered a discarded umbrella in a bin on the way, the rest of us made do with our hats.

Later on, back at the site, the games were held in the marquee. During the evening, despite the cooler weather, certain attendees seemed to lose a fair bit of clothing, to the approval of many other attendees.

Come Sunday, the rain was a distant memory, and most of the tents were drying out nicely. Mine certainly didn't need much of a hanging up at home.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley