Norman Rally

6th July 1984 - Hastings & Rother District MCC

Once again it was fine weather all the way down to Hastings, as it was for the whole weekend. The usual field was found and entered, we were told which part of it we were using this year, Always the same field, we just used different sections each time we were there. We set our tents up a suitable distance from the stage structure the organisers were using for the band this year. Well, the area where they were going to be building the stage in the morning. They did, once more, have a proper beer tent, although this wasn't needed in the fine weather.

It was a very quiet Friday night, I can't even remember if they had a cassette player. Those of us that were there assembled around the bonfire for a chat and consumed our beverage of choice.

On Saturday, somebody was following the ritual bike rebuild in the long grass at the side of the field and the organisers were completing the stage-build in the middle.

After the obligatory shopping trip to the Hastings sea-front, it was time for some games. After the usual ones which required some effort they decided to hold the wet t-shirt in the open in the afternoon. Although the girls were not required to remove the wet shirts, and didn't need to in the warm weather, the winner decided to give us a show anyway.

For a change, the band weren't too bad this year and took us neatly into the evening. The disco played into the night and people were mostly just drinking in the beer tent or sitting around the bonfire.

Against the odds the weather stayed warm and summery on the Sunday as well, for a very pleasant ride home.

Due to a date change, and inevitable clashes, I had to miss the next couple of Normans - Shetland had a higher priority than Hastings.

- Phil (the Spill) Drackley